4 thoughts on “Prajurit Freelance Indonesia

  1. Hi,love your blog, i found it through lebnnaaanna. I have 6mnth old son, but i live in FL. I understand completely, but i have BFF. I met her in child birthing class and we hang out a lot, she lives 7 min from me! We're doing a girls night out tonight! i also talk to another girl from child birthing, but i've only seen her a few times!! I would die with out my new BFF!! Here's hoping you find one soon!

  2. Froude, Maine, and Carlyle are not of great assistance in, say, the design of programming languages.Really? I'm sure there's some way you can tie them into Nock…In all seriousness though, I'm a few chapters into Froude (he's just finished covering the conquest/defense of the Caribbean in the 1780s), and it's fascinating stuff. Mostly, that last chapter has reminded me that I really need to read some of the heretical perspectives on the American Revolution that you've recommended.

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